The Best Browsers For Today’s Smartphones!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Whether you love‘em or hate‘em, browsers provide a window to the World Wide Web right from the palm of your hand. Default browsers in your Smartphone may be fine and good in their own way, but you may be missing out on the good stuff. There may be some special features that it looks when compared to other browsers out there. When it comes to choosing the best browser for your Smartphone, you need to make a choice between what fits your needs and a fast, functional and comfortable to browse the internet without much hassle. Every user has individual needs when it comes to browsing. Here, we can take a look at some of the best browsers for Android and iOS Smartphones to see what’s what and the right one for your device.

Opera Mini – is a trusted name for many mobile platforms. It is more usable than Androids’s default browser. There is a Speed Dial feature that lets users set up click-on shortcuts to their favorite sites. There are other navigational features like a built-in search bar and an auto-complete feature in the address bar. Before web pages open in the browser, they are run through a compression test on the Opera servers, which make them load quickly. Other settings and options are given like altering font size, image quality, screen orientation, privacy settings, etc. There is also support for browser history and bookmarks.

Safari – The one and only Apple’s Safari browser is part of every iOS device. It is packed with features making it an ideal browser for mobiles. Being easy and functional, it makes browsing on your Smartphone a walk in the park. With multiple tabs on the browser’s Reader mode, it highlights the text of the content in a web page, which makes it easy-to-read without ads cluttering up the screen. There is also the option of adding the articles to iCloud for safe keeping or to read them later on the Mac. It supports bookmark syncing via iCloud and gives users the option to add their favorite sites as shortcuts on their home screen to get back to them quickly.

Skyfire – is a browser that supports Flash video. It can be used to watch videos on Google Video, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It supports other web standards like Java, HTML 5 and Ajax. However one disadvantage is that some websites block Skyfire from accessing their respective video content. The browser has a menu bar situated at the top of the screen which lets users access all the features quickly like settings, managing open tabs and bookmarking pages.

Firefox – is a browser designed to provide a smooth internet browsing experience. There have been some modifications and changes but it has come to a stable point of functionality and efficiency. The browser looks similar on Mobile when compared to the one on Windows. For example, pages can be opened as tabs simultaneously and then accesses by tapping the number icon situated next to the address bar. This is a sure fire, intuitive way to control opening of multiple tabs without letting it flood the screen. Another feature is the Firefox sync, which gives access to history, all the bookmarks and running tabs of the desktop version without entering addresses manually.

Dolphin – is an easy-to-use, fast browser that has proved to be really useful by installing some add-ons. Those include: Ad Blocker, YouTube Search, Password Manager and Google Translate. The latest version also provides support for touch gestures. You can do this by drawing a symbol or letter on the screen to perform a function or access a particular website. For example, drawing right and left arrow keys will move you forward and backward through pages and writing an ‘f’ will open Facebook. What’s cooler is that the user can even create their personalized custom gestures.

Atomic Browser – is a favorite browser especially because it offers Password Management, Ad Blocking, Form Autofill, Dropbox Support, Private Browsing, Download and Expand Zip Archives, tap-to-call phone numbers, etc. The user can also save web pages for offline viewing, skin the browser with themes and configure gestures for navigation.

Chrome – is a browser that offers lightening fast browsing at the drop of a hot. The User Interface is optimized specially for small screens and websites load with their native versions. That means users don’t need to look at mobile versions of websites. It has sync and bookmark features which makes it easy to use it on other platforms.

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