Popularity of Different Sports in UK

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Playing sports in UK has been boosted by the recent London 2012 Olympics. The Olympics has a knock on effect all round with not only people have been inspired and are being more active but sports facilities seeing an increase in footfall. More people using the sports facilities enables them to make improvements and upgrades. So what sports are popular now?

Football – Football has always had a large following and its growing consistently. With Primary schools in the UK having extra money available for sport in school, football and other school sports are growing in popularity. We have realised that having sports available to youngsters in school helps them not only keep fit but also carry on playing sports after they leave. Football being the main sport that is carried on. The UK football game follows the traditional league system and it consists of more than 100 teams.


Tennis – Tennis has always been a UK’s favourite. From our first British win at Wimbledon in 1877 it has had a found and traditional date in our diaries. In the early days of Wimbledon British wins were yearly, now the once British dominated sport isn’t won by Britain that often. Each year the tournament is played on grass in the last week of June and first week of July. Each year there is a surge in interest in playing tennis around the same time of year.

Cricket – Just about everyone knows that cricket is the national game of the UK. Cricket did start in in the UK and is now played in hundreds of countries all over the world. There are more than 20 cricket clubs in the UK and thousands of teams in the country. Cricket isn’t so widely played in schools though. Lack of decent facilities and tuition in the game has seen the sport being dropped from many school activities.

Rugby – Rugby in the UK is also popular. Once only played by the elite it is now played by many all around the country. Like football, rugby is promoted by the Government of the UK and is rub by the Rugby Football League. Rugby has increased its popularity by being brought into mainstream schools. Giving youngsters a taste of the game has given them the courage and interest to play it later on in life.

Swimming – Again thanks to the success in the Olympics of UK participants, swimming has seen an increase in numbers. Easily available and low costs also keep people interested. No special skills needed apart from actually being able to swim, people are using this all round fitness exercise to keep them fit and something the whole family can get into to.

Running - This has increased in popularity because anyone can try it, its free and relative easy to start. A pair of trainers, space to run and that’s about it. People are seeing how much fitter people are becoming from running and a knock effect starts. They also say once you get bitten by the running bug you’re a runner for life. Names like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah have spiked peoples interest in running.

Cycling – The Olympics has a noticeable effect on cyclist in the UK. Sky invested in British cycling and the UK success in the games helped too. With the increased interest in cycling a long has come more cycling lanes on roads. Towns and even cities are a catering for commuters who want to cycle to work. It’s sometimes quicker, cheaper than car and people are getting their fitness into their daily routine. In fact the number of residents cycling to work has doubled in the last 10 years.


The Gym – Once thought as dingy and smell small rooms with muscly blokes getting more muscles, the Gym has started to turn its image around. No longer just for one gender or age group, the Gym has started to introduce more machines, better machines. Machines that ladies can use. They are now a part of fitness clubs and health spas. First timers to the gym have to undertake a New Member Orientation. This not only teaches you how to use the machines properly and safely but also gives the instructor a chance to see how fit or unfit you are.

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