Commonly Used Food Items For Adding Flavour

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Food makes us all happy. There is so much binge eating because it is your birthday, there is a new restaurant in town, your-friend’s-cousin-sister-is-getting-married-food-spread and the list is never-ending. We don’t need a reason to eat good food; all we really need is ‘good food’. The way this world is shrinking and running, let us hope that none of our favourite food items fall out of gravity. People are getting busier and depression is on its peak, that’s when food comes to rescue. If girls are gulping their ice creams down, all the boys out there are calling in for XXL pizzas. Nonetheless, food is our friend in need and deed.


However, sometimes some of us get quite inspired with all these sumptuous mouth-watering cookery reality shows like Masterchef. That enormous range of gleaming delicacies has inspired so many of us to try our hands at some culinary. Some might have experienced ‘the burnt galore’ but we have all seen some of the greatest cooks and it begins at home with our beloved mothers. Cooking is an art, a mystery that the world has fallen for. After all good food has the grandeur of stopping wars.

After eating at some of the fanciest restaurants and many more humble places what is that one thing that makes that delectable dish immortal in the canvases of our minds? Simplicity. Yes, SIMPLICITY! There are chefs and cooks who will try the simplest techniques with brilliance and voila! You have magic filled in your tummy. The final showdown comes down to flavour. It can be anything, a dash of nutmeg or a hint of mint, this little bit of this or a little bit of that can make a huge difference in how the dish will taste. With time new things and ideas coming up, people from the culinary world have lately been working on minimalistic concepts of cooking techniques. There are so many ways of adding that x-factor to your usual dish which can make it a winner. Have you heard of pairing Parmesan with chocolate or basil and cloves? These are actual winners. Whenever in doubt, look into your refrigerator and see what you have. If you have cheese, make little balls of the leftover cheese you have, toss a couple slices of bread in garlic and butter in a pan, place these tiny balls over the slices and bake them in the over for a bit on 180 degree. What do you have? Butter garlic bread which can actually taste great with some oregano and ketchup.

We all know almonds are a favourite of all the gym enthusiasts and nuts are rich in protein. How about toasting some and may be making some walnut pesto to go with your cheese tortellini? Or simply grind some pistachio and add a pinch in that creamy jalapeño soup and you will absolutely love it. Heard of guava and cheese? Yes, there is a cheese kind of Guava or Guava Cheese which is the marvel of combining guava and cheese. You may poach the guavas and make a pulp to create a jam. One of the brilliant combinations is cinnamon and thyme. It is a simple trick, just roast, grind and mix and this mixture can be used as a marinade for your chicken breast ready to grill or with some tofu! If you love avocado, blend it with some brewed coffee and sip into that majestic smoothie. Are you watching a movie tonight at home and willing to have some snacks apart from the regular salted popcorn? Take a pan, add olive oil, hint of garlic, a few drops of lemon and loads of butter as you like. Give it a nice toss and then turn off the heat and add all your popcorn to the pan. Add some grated parmesan. That will be a burst of lovely flavours in your mouth you will love to pop in. Desserts were never so enticing until we explored that slowly cooking lavender and apple can make muffins a heavenly delight that melts in a bite.


There are endless numbers of such techniques where you can pick one ingredient and experiment with something else in order to make that dish with finesse. If you think you need experience in doing the same, it may not be true. We believe if you have the ardent inclination towards food like we do, you can work wonders in the simplest ways and impress the world.

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