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Monday, January 11th, 2016

If you’re a regular iPhone user then you know that there is a huge supply of apps out there just waiting to be used. Any visit to the Apple App store is sure to provide you with something to appeal. We’re going to take a look at some of the apps that you may be less familiar with but really are some of the best to check out for iPhone users.

Hopefully you will see something that interests you in this list. There is plenty for everyone amongst the apps featured, whether it’s cool useful content, quirky stuff or just plain fun.

If you’re ever at a loose end in London then Dojo could just be your best friend. It’s packed with some cool things to do in the English capital. This isn’t just any other guide; it features places that you may not see featured elsewhere. They are the less known eateries and bars where you will find enjoyment in a more niche setting.

Boomerang is an Instagram app that is a little like Instagram meets vine. It will remind you of those flip books that you played with as a kid, except advanced for the digital age. The app involves taking 10 photos one after the other and replaying them as a short video clip which can be posted on social media.

Money Dashboard
Money Dashboard should appeal to pretty much anyone, whether you have a limited budget, you know you’ve been spending too much or you simply want to keep an eye on your finances. It maps your finances across accounts so that you can see straight away how much you are spending, and make any adjustments you need to.

 Money Dashboard

Ever had a bad day working or studying and just felt like getting away from it all? LuckyTrip can help you decide where to go. All you do is enter an amount you want to spend and LuckyTrip starts to search. It finds somewhere within your budget and tells you where you should be heading off to. Live a little and let LuckyTrip guide you off to somewhere fun and exciting.

iTranslate is not a new app but it is newly improved. The latest version includes an iOS keyboard extension which means you can translate in real time across any iOS app. This means you can have a text conversation with a French friend who does not speak English and both lots of words will be translated as you text.

Race the Sun
Race the Sun is a racing game with a difference; it’s really stunning to look at. Your craft runs on solar power and you have to race it a far as possible, guiding it through obstacles along the way. You’re racing against the sun as when the sun goes down your craft runs out of energy. Playing this game you will be on the edge of your seat and you will have loads of fun.

Angry Birds 2
Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years you will have heard of Angry Birds. It’s the most downloaded gaming app and it’s addictive and fun. Angry Birds 2 has a lot to live up to and it delivers. The app features new game designs and the ability to choose which order you deploy your birds in.

 Angry Birds 2

Pixelmator has long brought graphic design excellence to the Mac. Then it emerged as an app for the iPad. Now you can use layers, retouches and effects to make your images shine on your iPhone. It’s a must have app for creatives everywhere.

Dark Sky
If you’re British then talking about the weather can be pretty much a daily occurrence. But let’s face it; no matter where you are knowing how the weather is going to behave is important. The weather can help dictate whether you go out, or leave it for another day and it can help you decide what to wear. Dark Sky uses your GPS location to give you an accurate predication of what the weather is going to be like in the immediate future. You can figure out whether you can leave your umbrella at home.

Dark Sky App For iPhone

Eurovision Song Contest
Pretty much like the contest itself the Eurovision Song Contest app is so kitsch it’s cool. You can find out all you want to know about the competition and the acts that have taken part. You can even download some Eurovision tracks.

There you have it, have fun, manage your finances better and don’t forget the Euro karaoke with our selection of ten of the best apps for iPhone.

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