Apple Watch: What Works & What Doesn’t!

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Apple has a habit of surprising the world time and again, and it has done it again. The whole world speculates and guesses but what Apple finally unveils is pretty much different from what we expect. This is what happened at this year’s Apple iPhone unveiling. After announcing the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook seemed to have more in his bag. Well he unveiled covers off Apple’s first ever Smartwatch-Apple Watch. This latest addition to the huge list of products from Apple is not just one single product but an entire series which consists of 2 different sizes, three varied styles and a gamut of other options to choose from.

Apple Watch is basically a health and fitness tracking device which is a huge step forward as far as the company is concerned. Till now the wearables market was controlled by Samsung followed by companies like Fitbit and Jawbone. Apple Watch appears to be a sleek device available in a variety of designs and tagged at a reasonable entry level price. Keeping these specs in mind, it does seem to make a compelling product. But would Apple be able to capture this market and move ahead of its worthy competitors? Well let’s find out:

Apple Watch

Design, Build and Display:
Apple brings a spinning dial on the side of the watch and this dial is termed as ‘Digital Crown’ by Apple. This dial gives you the ability to zoom in and zoom out of the apps and rotate down through lists. This means that the display never gets covered by your fingers and is something that definitely makes for a highlight feature. However, the screen does not support touch input which might be a letdown for some. The three models in which this device will be available in include Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Each model will be available in two sizes: one for men and other for women and users will get to select from 6 different strap options. All models are water resistant. The fact that Apple has offered various options to choose from makes this product suitable for all. Overall, the build, design and display are quite acceptable and rather impressive.

Apple has not revealed much about the battery of Apple Watch besides the fact that the device will support wireless charging. But as far as speculations are to be believed, the battery loaded in isn’t as big as one would like it to be. Well all we can do is wait and ‘watch’ to find out whether Apple has been serious enough about the battery ofits products this time around or not.

Apple Watch Edition

According to the most recent information, the basic Apple Watch version would be bundled with internal storage. The higher models are expected to be loaded with more storage capacity although these would be tagged at higher prices as well. The Apple Watch can be linked with your iPhone and can thus show notifications. The users can also use the handset’s GPS for information on positioning. The device also works with Apple’s new Apple Pay contactless payment service through the NFC chip feature. But the point here to note is that this device will only support iPhone 5 and above. Another interesting thing about Apple Watch is that it fully supports Siri voice control so that you can interact with the Smartwatch rather than trying to type on the small display screen. Users can also send quick messages which can be drawn on the display using the finger.

The Apple Watch will also be closely integrated with Apple Health Kit through the suite of sensors. These sensors can also detect when you will lift your wrist to look at the watch and will power it accordingly.

Apple Watch might turn out to be a superb device for those who are looking for a health and fitness tracking product, especially for existing iPhone users. It is loaded with acceptable features and the right sensors but its disadvantage is that it cannot be used independently and needs to be synchronized with iPhone. Pricewise, the device will hopefully be tagged at a reasonable price.

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