10 Amazing Historic Places You Need To Explore

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

The UK offers plenty of fantastic things to do and see. If you are a history nerd, the UK is like a treasure chest. There are so many stunning places to explore and you can feel the history of the country as you walk along small towns and even the big cities. But you can also find plenty of hidden places; historic spots that have not yet been properly discovered by you or even the historians.

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Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

If you want to start with something legendary, you want to head down to the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. The royal hunting forest was a popular spot for Norman Kings. King John and Edward I specifically enjoyed visiting the magnificent forest. Now, perhaps the more well-known roamer in the forest was Robin Hood. The Sherwood Forest is the perfect place for learning more about the legend and trying to discover the famous Oak Tree that houses Robin Hood and his merry men.


Llandrindod Wells, Powys

The UK has hundreds of beautiful and historic towns to explore. One of the hidden gems is the former spa town of Llandrindod Wells. The place has plenty of amazing little boutiques to shop in and art galleries to explore local talent. The mineral springs in the local spa are also worth exploring. You can book your treatments through SpaBreaks and SpaFinder.

Hampstead Pergola & Hill Gardens, London

Another great-unexplored garden is found in the capital city. Hampstead Pergola has long faded in grandeur but you can feel the lost glory as you wall around it. The raised walkways are overgrown with vines and exotic flowers. It’s oddly romantic and could be home to all sorts of fantastic stories from the past.

41 Cloth Fair, London

The capital city might seem like the world’s most explored places but it still has some secrets inside it. Hidden in the small street in Farrington is a house that is one of the oldest houses in the city. 41 Cloth Fair was built between 1597 and 1614 and it’s the only house that survived the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

Another beautiful estate to visit is the Blenheim Palace. It’s one of UK’s most spectacular royal residences and houses some secrets you might not have heard about previously. The palace had an important role in Winston Churchill’s life, as the powerful statesman proposed to Miss Clementine Hozier in the gardens. Furthermore, his paintings currently decorate the halls of the palace.

Blenheim Palace

Easton Walled Gardens, Lincolnshire

The UK also homes beautiful estates that don’t get a lot of attention. One of these is the Easton Walled Gardens, which was restored from a wilderness in 2000 by Ursula Cholmeley. The 12-acre garden is such a delight to experience. You can roam around the meadows and treat your senses with the roses and sweet peas. There’s even a beautiful tea room to enjoy tasty treats. The estate is open four days a week from mid-February until the end of October.

Sinnoden Hill, Oxfordshire

You can truly start a treasure hunt by heading out to Oxfordshire. The site of Sinnoden Hill used to house a Roman Fort and it is rumoured to be a spot for a large treasure. According to the legend, a raven is guarding the treasure and the magical bird has even managed to convince one person to re-bury the chest after finding it. The story claims he was so spooked by the raven that he decided not to take the treasure with him. You might want to sort out your camping gear at Go Outdoors and see if you are able to find the treasure – and convince the raven it belongs to you now!

Dunwich, Suffolk

If you want to experience the UK’s 10th biggest city from the 12th century, you need to book a hotel with Hotelopia UK in Dunwich. The picturesque city is not that popular among tourist because it’s close to the more well-known towns of Southwold and Aldeburgh. However, Dunwich is fabulous for historic stay and its teahouses are magnificent.

Skara Brae, the Orkneys

There is also plenty of mystery in the air when you visit Skara Brae in the Orkneys. While the site has been searched for numerous times, there is still plenty the historians don’t know. The site has ancient runes scattered across the Neolithic structures and the meaning of these runes is still unknown. You might want to grab a book about the era from Audible and listen to it as you roam around the well-preserved settlement.

Skara Brae

Barnard Castle, Country Durham

There are tons of fantastic castles to explore in the UK. Because there are so many, you might have missed the Barnard Castle, overlooking the River Tees. The mysterious castle is worth a visit. It’s not that big but the rooms provide you with a sense of undiscovered history.

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